Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fact based Investing

I have known Greg for quite some time now. During this time I found him extremely helpful, be it informing about potential new investment opportunities or providing any advice related to real estate. What I found educating is his views and opinions were based on sound analysis (backed by numbers) not just wishful thinking. He very well distances the emotional element when it comes to assessing real estate investments and knows well the merits of investments based on cash-flow vs. capital appreciation.

If you pick a good book on real estate investment, he and his team has executed most of the investment strategies – be it buying wholesale and selling retail to identifying and investing in the faster growing locations. I am very impressed by his knowledge and have benefited from his success-driven advice on real estate.

- Anindo


  1. Very informative you have right if you study out the right book of real estate then it's gives you benefits towards your career in the real estate..

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  2. The thing to remember is each book strategy needs to have real world application, without that, the strategy is moot