Friday, June 4, 2010

Canadian Government to Modernized Naval Fleet

OTTAWA—The federal government has outlined a new shipbuilding strategy that will cost at least $35 billion and take 30 years to complete.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay says he expects to sign agreements with two shipyards within two years to build 28 large vessels and 100 smaller ships for the navy and coast guard.

“This is, indeed, an historic moment for Canada,” MacKay told a defence industry trade show on Thursday. “The national shipbuilding procurement strategy is a major step forward.”

The program will produce equipment that is essential to the Canadian Forces, he said.

Two shipyards will be chosen “through a fair, transparent, competitive process to build the large vessels required by the coast guard and navy.”

“We expect to have signed agreements with these shipyards within two years, which should clear the way toward contracts for large-vessel projects that the navy desperately needs,” he said.

“However, what's even more important is that the strategy will be making available equipment that is essential to the Canadian Armed Forces. Canada's navy will continue to do the remarkable work that it is doing for Canada and has done in the past 100 years.”

The announcement is finally made on the ship building process.  Now the ship yards are to be picked.  Rumours have it, that the ship building yards shall be Montreal and Saint John, New Brunswick.  This will have a huge effect on increasing the local economies and improving housing prices.

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