Friday, June 4, 2010

Strandheard Bridge

Today on CFRA, it was announced that the contract has been awarded for the Strandheard Bridge project

The construction contract for the Strandherd bridge was awarded to ConCreate USL Limited of Bolton, Ont.  Construction is set to start in the coming two weeks.  The construction of the bridge is to be completed by 2012.

The bridge project coupled with the project to widen Earl Armstrong Road shows a major commitement to the South End and to Riverside South itself.  This project should have economic benefits to the South End of the city and could possibly be the first step in the construction of a ring road around the city of Ottawa, culminating with a bridge in the East end, that crossed into Quebec and diverts truck traffic away from the downtown core.

In other cities that have constructed ring roads, land and housing around the expansion projects have increased steadily in value.  Looking at the South End of the city, expansions in Manotick, Riverside South, Findlay Creek and Barrhaven are making the South End very popular and desirable. 

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