Thursday, September 2, 2010

First one is the hardest one!

Hi Greg,

I'm happy to report that I just deposited my very first cheque from my first investment property! You were right in that acquiring the first investment property is always the toughest one. Once I saw that first cheque though, I had encountered a flush of happy and thankful feelings.

I want to thank Bennett Pros and especially you for helping me find a suitable property that made sense. You stood by me while we looked at many potential properties. I appreciated the fact that you stood back while we looked at the properties and didn't try to force any quick sales tricks.

You were there when I had questions and answered them so that a first time property investor like me could understand. Your expertise is clearly demonstrated from the fact that you practice what you preach.

I wouldn't want to deal with someone that didn't.

I hope you and the family are well and still having fun.

Looking forward to my next investment opportunity.



  1. Hi Ryan,

    My wife and I also started out investing with Greg. We also share your sentiments with Greg and his team. We must warn you though, don't let Greg's anti sales tactics fool you. He has "tricked" us into buying our 5th investement property now within about 6 months of meeting him LOL. I used to wonder if he really was trying to sell us property or if he was really just lonely and likes to go around to people houses and tell funny stories. We always have a blast with him though and his advice and patience is always appreciated.

  2. Hey
    Now that I have two kids under 2, it is just great to get out of the house, lol