Friday, September 24, 2010

Free at last! Retired at 33.

After deciding to change careers and leave my comfortable, profitable but less than stimulating business, I decided I was prepared to chase my dream of becoming a real estate investor. Although I had been educating myself for years and had a general passion for everything real estate, I knew I needed some help. After attending one of Marnie Bennett's seminars I recognized that this group may be exactly what I was looking for. I got in touch with Marnie and when she recommended I work with Greg Blok, I have to admit, I was a little hesitant. After all, I wanted to work with the Boss! The Radio personality! The self-made millionaire!! Well now that I have been working with Greg, I understand why Marnie recommended him. It's no secret in business you need to surround yourself with a great team. After starting my own business at 21 and leaving last year at 32, running a company with over 60 employees and annual sales over 100 million, I recognized early on that you can't do it all yourself and the most successful people hire even more talented people to work with them.

So I met with Greg, talked about my situation and my goals and immediately he got to work. Even when I felt like I may be asking stupid and/or annoying questions he was genuinely happy to help where I expected I might be wearing on his patience. Over the past few months he has become more of a mentor to me than an agent. (one of the reasons I wanted my agent to also be themselves an investor). Greg has shown me opportunities I never knew existed! He has been willing to share members of his own team of experts with me. Spent countless hours working on small deals. Even when nothing comes from them, he has always had the right attitude and sees the big picture in everything. He continues to impress me and has earned my confidence, which is not easy. His knowledge has been an incredible resource for me. He sees the properties we look at from an investors point of view and not just as an agent. Thanks to Greg's hard work, patience, dedication and knowledge, I am set to close on my first investment property in a couple of weeks and 6 more a month later! We continue to search together for the next one and I'm am more excited about going to work now than I was leaving work a year ago! After working with Greg, I expect this time next year to be making passively more that I was making working 80-100 hour weeks running my own business.

For helping to make my dream of being (semi) retired at 33 a reality, a sincere thank you Greg!

Free at last!

Ottawa, On



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