Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pleasant learning experience


“I have been remiss in thanking you for your assistance in my recent investment reconfiguration. Since our first meeting at the Bennett Real Estate Professionals seminar on the 24th of May, you have provided me with excellent advise and cautiously guided me through the process of intelligent property investment. I have followed your guidance with military precision by first equally redirecting my RRSPs into purchasing shares from two Bennett recommended organizations: Walton Capital Management; and Raymond James under the calculating and savvy outlook of Kash Pashootan. Both these investments have already yielded promising dividends.

You also provided me with the necessary information for me to spear ahead fearlessly and purchase not two but three rental properties in three different cities in the period of only one month. Each of these rental properties have differing but complementary attributes contributing to a balanced portfolio aiming at reconciliating long-term and short-term growth and cash-flow aspirations. This feat required a great deal of coordination and communication, and would not have been possible without the outstanding services provided by Lilianne Eid. Under the cover of an irresistible smile, she provided me with competitive rates easily dismissing her rivals; and worked with care to ensure contractual closing went as well as reasonably possible given some extenuating circumstances.

I will now slowly and wisely learn the intricacies of property management and fiscal accounting before attempting the next wave of investment. It has been a pleasant learning experience and I hope we can work again together in the future. Again, please accept my sincerest appreciation for your assistance in this endeavour.”


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