Saturday, September 18, 2010

Small Town Condos

“As an experienced investor in the stock market, I was looking at a way to diversify into the “right” real estate opportunity.  I personally had limited knowledge in the real estate field and searched out an expert who had significant experience in the market.  I researched and found Greg and his impressive resume.  He introduced us to Kyle court.  It is a great fit as the values had not appreciated as much as the rest of the smaller city they are located in.  Greg taught me about the numbers from a monthly cash flow basis, and these worked very well.

These properties are low maintenance with high demand for rents. We have not had any vacancy issues. Greg Blok has a lot of experience with investing in real estate and I found him to be an invaluable resource in helping better understand this investment. I am comfortable owning units in this building and plan on keeping them for a while to come.”

The best part, the units are well under $100,000, so we could buy multiple units, to spread our vacancy risk out.

Jaleh and Kelly

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