Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There’s a new kid in town

Looking for a holiday destination?  Check out Flat Creek Lodge

Open now for nearly five years and having made huge strides towards creating the South’s best cheeses, micro-dairy Flat Creek Lodge is thrilled to welcome a new head cheese maker. The honor goes to Keith Blok, world champion cheese maker, who brings with him the title of Scientific Cheese Technologist and more cheese competition trophies than can fit on the tiny dairy’s shelves. Mr. Blok has arrived in Swainsboro with two specific goals – to win more gold medals in Flat Creek’s name and to double the dairy’s cheese production within the year.

“Flat Creek Lodge has produced some fantastic cheeses during the past few years,” says Blok. “We’re going to keep the focus on what the dairy is already doing well, make sure all of the cheeses are at a consistent high-quality and increase production.” Mr. Blok is just the man for the job in more ways than one. Hailing from Canada, he specialized in aged cheddar for more than 25 years, winning Best in Show...

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