Wednesday, January 12, 2011

US real estate investment

I am very excited today, I am finally able to start the process of investing in USA real estate.  I have refinanced some properties and changed some other items and freed up some cash to move down to the Phoenix, Arizona.

Today, I completed my transfer of money to the US, to buy a property in Phoenix, Arizona.  I have used a currency exchange company contact, Annelies, who got me an amazing deal.  She can save 4 to 10% on the currency exchange over going to a bank.

By Friday, my money will arrive in an escrow account in Phoenix, making me ready to buy a home next week.  Very, very excited!


  1. My money is safetly in a US trustee account, awaiting next steps, which means the start of the exciting bidding process.

    I saw an awesome house in Tempe, Arizona, 2,500 sqft, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, double car garage, granite, nice looking home, available for $1.00. That is right, $1.00.

    It has an estimated value of $280,000 and the auction price will likely go for closer to $220,000, but I am going to bid and see if I can get a steal, wish me luck!

  2. So, the first house I looked at was in Surprise. Funny thing crossed my mind, is it really logical to buy a house I have never seen in a town called Surprise ... ???

    Didn't get a chance to bid, but hopefully Friday, I will be bidding on my first house, wish me luck!

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