Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Condo Investment

I bought with Greg from Bennett pros because he seem to keep getting exclusives on all the best projects. They manage to get into a development very early so I was one of the first people to 'cherry pick' a unit. Greg guided me in the right direction and showed me the best projects/units to go for.

I was just getting confused with all the different developments out there. He showed me the one which will make me the most money and as an investor that is what I am interested in most. The new condos I have sold thus far are the proof, showing top notch returns in excess of the average in the marketplace.

Thank you


  1. Seeking for a help of a professional real estate agent like what Joe did is truly a good part in having a successful business in the industry. Thus, giving a bunch of ROI in you. The professionalism in you Greg is superb! Keep it up!

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  2. If you are thinking about turning your condo into an income property or are considering buying a new condominium for the specific purposes of making it an income property and an investment, making it available as a short term rental apartment could be an ideal scenario for you.

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