Monday, October 10, 2011

Apartments in Houses

Secondary Dwelling Units, By-law No. 2005 - 367 - Effective September 2005, secondary dwelling units, also known as accessory apartments or "in-law suites" are now permitted in all areas of the City with the exception of the former Village of Rockliffe Park. A secondary dwelling unit is a single self-contained, rental apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom. While many are basement apartments, a unit can be created on any floor of the house.

What does the by-law say?
No more than an amount equal to 40 per cent of the gross floor area of the principal dwelling may be developed for a secondary dwelling unit, except where a basement unit is created, in which case, there is no maximum size. The full basement area can be used.

A maximum of one unit is permitted in a detached dwelling, one in each half of a semi-detached building and only one for the whole of a duplex dwelling.

The new unit must be on the same lot as the principal dwelling unit and must not change the streetscape character along the road on which it is located.

No additional parking space is required but where a new one is provided, it cannot be located in the front yard. Tandem parking in the existing driveway is permitted.


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