Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bennett Exclusive - Yves Condo 4-plex

Opportunity to own four unit building in rapidly expanding Rockland, Ontario.  This property is only 4 years old.  Each unit is a two bedroom, one bathroom with a gas fireplace.  These units have individual title, meaning in the future you can sell them as individual units or as a complete building.  Check out the numbers below and contact me for your personal viewing.

Purchase Price $699,000.00

Down Payment $174,750.00
Financed Amount $524,250.00

Monthly Expenses:
Mortgage Payment $2,028.85
Condo (snow/lawn) $100.00
Water $75.00
Insurance (approx) $175.00
Taxes (estimate) $750.00
Total Monthly Expense $3,128.85

Rent $3,925.00

Monthly Cash Flow $796.15

Approx Return Summary
annual cash flow $95,538.30
principal reduction $133,698.54
capital appreciation (2.5% growth) $195,779.10


*** based upon 2.35%, 30 year mortgage

Exclusive to Bennett Property Shop Realty - Domus Lofts

Check out some hot new Ottawa real estate, located above Domus Restaurant, at 85 Murray St in Byward Market (corner of Parent and Murray) are 22 condo rental conversion apartment units.  These units are being totally renovated and revitalized into urban hip condos.  Rental rates have been estimated by a professional property management firm and have the one bedroom units at $1300 per month and the two bedrooms at $2000 monthly. 
The model units will be finished this week and private viewings can be arranged through myself.  Please let me know a time you are free and we can see the super cool urban loft condos.

For Ottawa real estate be sure to contact Bennett Property Shop Realty Brokerage

One Bedrooms

no parking

Purchase Price $229,000.00
deposit $57,250.00
mortgage $171,750.00
Closing costs $4,580.00

rental income $1,300.00
mortgage $704.18
taxes $244.27
Condo $195.61
Cash flow $155.95

Return (7 years later)
Cash flow $13,099.80
mortgage reduction $28,363.07
value increase (3% annual) $52,641.12
total anticipated return $ 94,103.99

*** 2.79% interest, 3 year fixed, 30 year term
***rents based upon projection by property manager

Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue on Amazon

Today is an exciting day, my first novel, Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue, has debuted on Amazon, the largest online book retailer in the world.  Please check out the link below and buy your own copy online with Amazon -

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My first novel - E-Published

Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue

You’re commanding a tall ship on the ocean, with the greatest naval captain in the fleet hot on your tail. He has a bigger ship, which is faster, with more guns and a seasoned pirate crew. They’re closing fast! He has been sailing the high seas for over thirty years, more than twice your age, your men are staring at you, waiting for you to tell them what to do next. What do you do?

This is but one of the dilemmas facing young Otto DeGraff in Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue, the story of a young boy from humble beginnings, who escapes an arranged marriage, becomes a stowaway on a battleship and unknowingly stumbles into the biggest act of treason in the history of the Dutch East India Company. The novel is set during the grand era of the high seas, at the height of the Dutch East India Company, when tall ships sailed the ocean, men made their living on the high seas and pirates terrified even the bravest of souls.

Otto faces insurmountable obstacles in his quest to find Mal Goue, the mythical artifact that turns dirt into gold and will ultimately save his family. Along the way Otto has to use his cunning, strength and nerve to overcome the cast of scoundrels including Mr. Landseer, the corrupt magistrate, the Pirate King and the treasonous Captain Vanderzee. In the exciting climax, Otto has to face his fears and his toughest adversary in a stunning sword dual to save his life and the lives of his crew.

To order the book -

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Housing market is blooming again

Phoenix, Arizona (CNN) -- Want a sign of economic hope? Look to a place where the housing collapse began: Phoenix, Arizona.  "We're talking about (home) prices being 3 to 4% higher than last year, which most people don't believe because they're used to bad news," said Mike Orr, director of Arizona State University's Center of Real Estate Theory and Practice.

Orr's new report on the Phoenix market shows a direct reverse of the situation that sparked a massive housing bubble. Monthly foreclosure starts have fallen 49% since a year ago. Home sales are up 8%. The result? What had been a market with far more housing supply than demand has now become a place where buyers have to act fast and beat out heavy competition.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Helping Cristina"

I received the following email from a client of mine.  I thought I would pass it along to everyone. 

this link will take you to a web page “Helping cristina” you may have read or heard about the issues she is facing. She is the daughter of a good friend of mine, and the father asked if I can pass the info to as many people as possible to raise awareness and possibly get her a bone marrow match and get her off the intravenous feeding tube and extend her life.

Please pass this on to as many contacts possible. THANK YOU
Click here to learn how to help

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some interesting data

2012 predictions and interesting facts from Trapeze Capital

USA and Canada will see accelerating growth this year, so will China, India and Latin America
Worldwide household wealth has doubled since 2000
USA GDP forecasts a 3% growth
US Housing has reached bottom, inventories are down 16% from two years ago
USA housing starts 1/4 of previous highs
US homebuilders confidence highest in 4.5 years
Auto sales are up, 2012 expected to be best year since 2007
Railroad freights are surging, a good barometer of recovery
In December 2011, US consumer confidence hit an 8 month high
US jobless claims hit a 4 year low
in 2011, the US economy added 1.6 million jobs
unemployment in USA down to 8.3% (Canada at 7.5%)

More jobs leads to more need for housing and automobiles, which leads to more jobs, which leads to more ....

Think you are picking up the pattern here

Investing in USA real estate

My wife and I were new to real estate investing when we met with Greg. The team of people that he put us in contact with made us feel comfortable and confident that we made the right decision. Starting with the amazing service from Annelies and Julie to the renovation company we hired, everyone was very responsive to us and understood our investment goals.

Tim's team in Phoenix is outstanding. They have answered countless questions from us and worked very closely with us on our first property which had 8 offers in the first 24 hours on the market. Their website is very simple to use. The feature we use the most is the hotlist of properties that they hand pick as some of the best deals for their clients. We have purchased 3 properties in the past 4 months. We are looking forward to our 4th purchase in early 2012.