Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some interesting data

2012 predictions and interesting facts from Trapeze Capital

USA and Canada will see accelerating growth this year, so will China, India and Latin America
Worldwide household wealth has doubled since 2000
USA GDP forecasts a 3% growth
US Housing has reached bottom, inventories are down 16% from two years ago
USA housing starts 1/4 of previous highs
US homebuilders confidence highest in 4.5 years
Auto sales are up, 2012 expected to be best year since 2007
Railroad freights are surging, a good barometer of recovery
In December 2011, US consumer confidence hit an 8 month high
US jobless claims hit a 4 year low
in 2011, the US economy added 1.6 million jobs
unemployment in USA down to 8.3% (Canada at 7.5%)

More jobs leads to more need for housing and automobiles, which leads to more jobs, which leads to more ....

Think you are picking up the pattern here

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