Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ottawa's both too tall and too short

Ottawa’s both too tall and too short

Intensification has seen looming condo towers sprout, but malls and parking lots still sprawl, Rhys Phillips writes. When will the city get it just right?

By Rhys Phillips
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Interesting points in this article about Ottawa real estate being too tall (42 storeys at Preston and Carling) and too short (1 storey at Trainyards in Alta Vista).  I think the Trainyards was truly a lost opportunity.  To maximize this space, the city should have studied communities like those developed by Sembler in the Southern USA.  They focus on true work, live, play areas where they feature office space, retail, residential, rental housing, the complete gamet of opportunities.    A really neat project in the Southern USA is the Atlantic Station.  It is the total work, live and play property.  These types of properties are great examples of infill and planning.

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