Sunday, February 10, 2013

My First Novel - Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue

Writing and publishing my first novel, Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue, has been an interesting experience.  It was a bucket list item to write and publish a novel, so that is one item I can cross off my list of life goals.  It is really neat to see something you created out there, in the world and being read and commented on by others. 

I have to admit, it has been a huge learning experience.  It is common to think and dream that our novel can be the next Harry Potter, Twilight,  Hunger Games or Da Vinci Code, but statistically, we are more likely to end up sell no books, that millions of copies, like the aforementioned. 

For new authors, you hear about the e-publishing miracles like Amanda Hocking, who sells over 300,000 copies of her books monthly, and dream that they can hop on the bandwagon and become the next "overnight success".  At one point, she occupied four positions in the top 100 best seller list in the NY Times, a pretty amazing feat for any author, including those named Steven King, Dan Brown or Michael Crichton. 

It doesn't always happen that way.  My book has been published for almost a year and I am patiently waiting for the sales to skyrocket.  Most new authors sell zero copies of their novels, so I feel pretty blessed that I am well above the average.  I am planning out my next project and searching for the time to potentially make it happen.  In the meantime, to help out a new author and read a pretty awesome book, if I may say so myself,

Please click here to purchase a copy of my exciting first novel - Otto and the Hunt for Mal Goue, for just $2.99..

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