Friday, March 8, 2013

Was your home a grow operation

Here are 12 physical signs your home may once have housed a marijuana grow operation:

1 - Modified ductwork that doesn’t seem to make sense.
2 - Circular holes in floor joists or roof trusses from venting (look for holes that have been patched).
3 - Chunks of brickwork on the exterior that have been replaced
4 - Brown stains in soffits (the exposed undersurface of a roof eave) from the grow-op venting to the outside, or brand-new soffits.
5 - In the winter, bald spots without snow on the roof from heat loss.
6 - Stains on basement floors from pots that sat there for long periods of time, or stains in laundry tubs.
7 - Modified wiring and electrical panel. Sometimes live wires can still be in the insulation.
8 - New plumbing for water supply and drains.
9 - Foundations and concrete walls cored or breached to get wiring around the hydro meter.
10 - Warped/rotted wooden structures (staircases, floors and window cases) due to moisture damage.
11 - Toxic moulds form/spread poisonous spores in the open, within wall cavities, inside window frames, ventilation systems and attic spaces.
12 - A musty smell or, in the case of meth labs, odour that smells like cat urine.

The unofficial 13th way, is if someone with the munchies keeps knocking on your door, asking "are you cool, man?"

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