Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ottawa Light Rail Transit - Exciting times in the World's coldest and cleanest Capital

BOMA hosted the city of Ottawa this week to discuss the LRT project already under construction.

This is an amazing new project for the city of Ottawa and the economic spin off is shocking.  Economist suggest, that for every direct dollar put into an economy, there is a spin off

The economic benefit is huge - $20 million a month will be spent in Ottawa.  Over half of the $2.1 billion price tag will be spent right here in Ottawa.

All sorts of new jobs will be created in Ottawa, totalling approx 20,000 new jobs over 5 years, including such things as miners, as we do not any miners in Ottawa.

Currently, our bus system can handle upto 9,500 people per hour in the downtown core.  The new LRT will be able to accomodate 24,000 people per hour.

The tunnel will be completed in time for Canada's 150th birthday in 2017.

All sorts of other construction projects like widening of the 417 from Nicholas to the split.

No shutdown of downtown streets during the process.

A trip from the Rideau Center to St Laurent Mall will take 8 minutes.

There will be an 80% reduction in buses in the downtown core (about 5000 less buses per day)

There will be improvements to the OTrain (North South Line), but an expansion to the Airport will likely cost $70 million and take upwards of 10 years to complete.

New transit plan this year, it is updated every 5 years and last update was 2008

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