Sunday, December 15, 2013

Syndicated Mortgage Investments

My wife and I were looking for a consistent rate of solid return ( but “not to good to be true”) while at the same time diversifying our portfolio. The Fortress Syndicated Mortgage Investments filled the bill very nicely. It offered a degree of security that made us feel comfortable in that, as an investor, one was registered on title at the land registry with the full invested amount as a lien on the property providing collateral and security.

We were offered a choice to participate in a number of ongoing property developments in different regions in Canada. Critically, the process was thoroughly explained both by representatives of Fortress and by an independent legal counsel. The paper work was straightforward and taken care of by Fortress. The bottom line was that our first project was actually completed ahead of schedule and we received a monthly check that represented an 8% annual interest rate plus a deferred lender fee of 12% which, in total, yielded an overall rate of over 11% annually

The experience of this project with Fortress makes us confident enough to reinvest with them and to recommend to others to consider the Fortress Product as part of their portfolio.

Many thanks

Peter and Sabina

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