Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Capital Urban Lands Master Plan

A master plan is being developed for the Capital’s urban lands. The plan aims to define a vision, strategic directions, guidelines and development proposals that enhance the experience and unique living environment of Canada’s Capital.
The master plan will be the first plan that applies to all urban lands in the Capital. In support of the NCC’s mission, the master plan will be both strategic and operational, and will guide the following:
  • development, conservation and improvements in the Capital
  • NCC and federal government decisions related to the development and management of the Capital’s urban lands.
The NCC’s goal is to make Canada’s Capital Region a welcoming place that provides opportunities for contact with nature and presents a model of sustainable urban planning. In keeping with this objective, decisions about the use and development of urban lands will emphasize environmental sensitivity, sustainability and proposed projects that stand out as exceptional examples.

The new Capital Urban Lands Master Plan will incorporate other plans that have already been developed, such as the Leamy Lake Park Sector Plan (1997), Canada’s Capital Core Area Sector Plan (2005) and Confederation Heights Sector Plan (2000). These plans will be revised during the development of the sector plans.

Please click here for information on the new Urban Lands Masterplan

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