Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Greenbelt Master Plan Review

In 2008, the NCC began a review of its Greenbelt Master Plan to ensure the continued protection of the Greenbelt. The review process, includes in-depth analysis and extensive public and stakeholder consultation.
The Master Plan guides how the Greenbelt will be used, managed and protected over the next 50 years. The Master Plan is important because the Greenbelt:
  • contributes to the local and national economy
  • factors into how Canada’s Capital is seen by Canadians and the world
  • positively affects the quality of our air and water
  • supports plant and wildlife diversity
  • provides a place where local and visiting Canadians can play, exercise and experience the natural world, as well as our rural culture and heritage.

To learn more about planning for the Ottawa Greenbelt, please click here

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