Thursday, January 23, 2014

Penske Truck Rental’s 2013 Top Moving Destinations List

Check out this data from Penske Truck Rentals.  70% of the destinations people are moving to are in the Southern USA.  Many people are relocating from the Northern States to the South or to coastal Seattle (also with a moderate climate). 

Why?  Demographics.  Baby boomers are aging and are attracted to warmer climates and lower cost of living. 

Why Atlanta ... Halfbacks.  Northerners who migrated to Florida in years past are flocking back north, but not to their original homes. Instead they're landing in Georgia and the Carolinas. Their nickname comes from the flight halfway back home - "halfback."

Penske 2013 Top Ten Moving Destinations

Over the last four years, Penske Truck Rental has produced an annual list of its top moving destinations in the United States. Once again, the Atlanta metro area remained No. 1 for the fourth consecutive year.
In the list below, last year’s ranking is noted in parentheses. New to the 2013 list is Las Vegas, coming in at No. 10. Sarasota, Fla., No. 10 in 2012, was combined with the Tampa, Fla., metro area for this year’s list.
  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. Tampa, Fla./Sarasota, Fla. (new combined entry)
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth (2)
  4. Orlando, Fla. (4)
  5. Phoenix (3)
  6. Houston (6)
  7. Seattle (8)
  8. Chicago (5)
  9. Denver (7)
  10. Las Vegas (new!)
“We have seen a continued migration of Penske Truck Rental customers from the Northeast and Midwest parts of the U.S. into these areas,” said Don Mikes, Penske senior vice president of rental.

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