Thursday, January 23, 2014

PILOT PROJECT ALERT - NCC wants ideas to liven up Ottawa River waterfront

Starting next month, the National Capital Commission will be soliciting ideas to bring more life to its parkland along the Ottawa River.
The NCC is expanding on a pilot project that has seen patios pop up on the Rideau Canal since 2012. An urban beach and canal-side patios pop up for the summer on NCC land, then are taken down again.
"I think what we experience on the Rideau Canal is something that is beneficial to all in the region and we'd like to … capitalize on that in the future," said Jean-François Trépanier, the NCC's chief executive officer.
The NCC will put out a call in February for ideas to make the Ottawa River waterfront more vibrant this summer.
"We'll leave it open, actually. We'll just show a map of the green spaces we have and we'll leave it to the population and the private sector to offer suggestions on how they would like to offer animation on the shoreline," Trépanier said.
The NCC is looking for ideas for both sides of the Ottawa river, mostly along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway and at Jacques Cartier Park.

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