Student housing apartments for Ottawa universities and community colleges:

Got a child attending university in Ottawa?  It can be a daunting task finding acceptable housing.  Ottawa U, for instance, has approx. 40,000 students and only space for approx. 4,000 students to stay on campus.  This creates a major void in the availability of housing for students. 

Here are helpful links for those seeking housing for their child attending post secondary eduction in Ottawa:
Algonquin College student residence

Algonquin College Off-campus housing,

Carleton University Student Residence,

Carleton University off-campus housing,

University of Ottawa residence,

University of Ottawa off-campus housing,

 For more information on Student housing in Ottawa, please click here.


  1. everyone should be fair with their renters. i am pretty sure , you will provide their not just good place even their landlords will be also good humans. and i must to say that your all links which are you taking about will really helpful for all.

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