Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Canadian economies new $8 billion solution - international students

Please see the following article on Canada's push for more international students -

A key take away - The federal government’s new international education strategy, unveiled Wednesday by International Trade Minister Ed Fast, aims to have 450,000 foreign students studying in Canada by 2022, up from 265,000 in 2012.

Article in MacLeans Magazine focusing on International students helping to fill Canadian university vacancy -

Another key takeaway - A recent report prepared for DFAIT estimates that international students at all levels of study add about $6.5 billion annually to the Canadian economy.  Increasing the size of the international student base will add upwards to another $8 billion to the Canadian economy.

Ottawa connection
Residence space provided by the university is primarily reserved for incoming first‐year students, but the number of students far exceeds the available supply. In 2012 there were 10,300 new admissions compared to 2,885 residence beds ‐ enough to serve only 28% of first‐year students, and 7% of the total student popula˘Çćčon.

There are approximately 75,000 students in Ottawa annually, spread between 4 major post secondary institutions, with the University of Ottawa leading the way with approximately 40,000 full time students.  There are over 3,000 international students at the University of Ottawa. 

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