Monday, April 28, 2014

Time for rental rule changes

Landlords across the country are calling for a bad tenant registry and changes in legislation to protect them against rogue renters

More renters are taking advantage of legal loopholes and tenant-friendly municipalities, and leaving landlords with unpaid bills and lost revenue.

A B.C. couple made national headlines this week for failing to pay for rent for almost two years, and cheating six landlords out of rent.

Landlords in the province are calling on the Residential Tenancy Branch to keep a record of all bad tenants and to provide this information to potential landlords, but they are arguing that privacy laws make this registry an impossible task.

Speaking to CREW, Kalya Andrade from Ontario Landlords Watch says every legislative act should be reviewed as, at the moment, it is lies very much in favour of the tenant.

“There are a lot more tenants who are targeting landlords that they can take advantage and use the legal loopholes to get away with it. We are coming across more and more cases like this and something needs to be done. Unfortunately, the politicians simply do not want to help the landlords,” says Andrade.

As reported by CREW this week, condo tenants are calling for help against demanding management boards and landlords.

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