Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sold and bought

Greg Blok and Bennett Property Shop Realty have gone above and beyond what we expected from a realtor to ensure I sold my home and found my new, beautiful home that suits us and our needs. Greg left no stone un-turned, was patient, performed due diligence and his personality made it a pleasure to work with him.

Greg showed a level of hard work in scheduling all viewings promptly and answering our questions quickly any time of day, putting our minds at ease. He never ceased to surprise us at his ability to call in other professionals to help us right away, mortgage brokers, home inspectors, handymen, real estate lawyers. On the day of our home inspection, Greg brought in a roofer in minutes to give us a quote.

On the day that my old home was supposed to come to a firm agreement of sale, the buyer cancelled jeopardizing the purchase of my new home. Greg miraculously found us another buyer within hours to save the day. In the end, Greg managed to get me the most value in selling my home and put us into a new one that we love.

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