Thursday, August 21, 2014

Professional decorum and lowered stress

I had the fortune of meeting Greg after arranging to see a condominium unit in downtown Ottawa. I emailed the realtor (Greg) and that very same day he emailed me back and we saw the unit the next day. Right from the start Greg was very knowledgeable, answering all my questions, not just about the properties, but about the market, and buying a condominium in general. His knowledge and persona disarmed my initial hesitation and helped me feel more at ease with the daunting act of buying a condo.

I didn’t have a realtor and wasn’t looking for one, as I had just started my search and wasn’t actually sure where I wanted to buy. I asked Greg if he could show me some places and he agreed without hesitation. He took me around the entire downtown core on a few occasions. He always made himself available to me and always responded to my emails quickly.

What I liked best about Greg was his professional decorum—he offered to help me in my search and didn't pressure me to see if I needed a realtor to sell my current location. He made the stressful act of looking and eventually buying a condo enjoyable. I was also looking outside the city for a bit and most of the time I met a realtor it felt like they were looking to further their personal business interests. 

I understand that it is a competitive career being a realtor, but what made Greg stand apart was his genuine sincerity. I always felt like he always had my best interest in mind and was there, first and foremost, to help me find a great place to live. As well, he was always available for me, which I truly appreciated—it was like looking for a condo with a knowledgeable, easy going yet behind the scene hard-working friend. We had more than a few laughs throughout the entire process.

It just so happened that the very first unit I saw and eventually decided I wanted had conditionally sold before I had my chance to put an offer in, but it came onto the market again about a month later. Greg immediately contacted me the day it was back on the market asking if I was still interested; we met that same day and I bought the unit for a great price, thanks to him. The actual sitting down to sign the papers to purchase the unit through Greg was as comfortable and enjoyable as the rest of the entire journey of buying a property.

Without a doubt I would recommend Greg to my family and friends, and if I am ever in need of a realtor again, Greg will be the person I look to. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is knowledgeable, hard-working, trustworthy, and professional. I consider myself lucky to have had Greg help me buy my first property. 

Thanks, Greg!        

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