Friday, September 26, 2014

A Look at Canadian Real Estate with Marnie Bennett

Marnie Bennett knows what home buyers and real estate investors go through, because she and many of her agents are also real estate buyers and investors and share their experiences with their clients. “We have a genuine interest in what our clients want in, and from, a piece of property and guide them through the buying and financing process,” she said. “Most importantly, our clients learn about great buying opportunities within their desired price range and location.”
While the mantra among realtors is “Location, location, location,” Ms. Bennett and her staff of 27 agents
emphasize “Education, education, and more education.” A graduate of Carleton University with a degree in law and economics, Ms. Bennett was a professor at Algonquin College, where she taught marketing and business. “It was a rewarding experience to help my students move forward with their business careers,” she commented.

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