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Major Ottawa Suburbs and Villages

It is a suburb of the city, located on the Rideau River, immediately south of the suburbs Barrhaven and Riverside South, about 25 km (16 mi) from downtown Ottawa.[1] It was founded by Moss Kent Dickinson in 1864. He named the village 'Manotick', after the Algonquin word for 'island'. It has been part of the City of Ottawa since amalgamation in 2001. Prior to that, it was located in Rideau Township. According to the Canada 2011 Census, Manotick had a population of 4,520

Manotick tends to have larger homes, on estate type lots.  Most homes are well and septic.  There is a subdivision of newer homes being built on city water and sewer.  There are very good schools and Manotick has a village feel, with a cute downtown, full of shops, services and boutiques.

Barrhaven is a rapidly growing suburban neighbourhood in the southwest of the urban area of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, about 17 km (11 mi) southwest of downtown Ottawa. Prior to amalgamation with Ottawa in 2001, Barrhaven was part of the City of Nepean. Its population as of the Canada 2011 Census was 72,324

Barrhaven has a mixture of homes from terraced town homes, to traditional towns, semis and upto large singles on 60 foot lots.  This area is very family friendly.  The major of shopping is big box and strip mall related.

Kanata is one of the largest suburbs of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Located about 22 km (14 mi) west-southwest of the city's Downtown, Kanata has a population of 80,781 (population centre: 101,760)[2] as of 2011 and is growing rapidly. Before it was amalgamated into Ottawa in 2001, it was one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and the fastest growing community in Eastern Ontario. Located just to the west of the National Capital Commission Greenbelt, it is one of the largest of several communities that surround central Ottawa. It is a planned community and an important hi-tech centre.

Kanata was the first of the major subdivision in Ottawa to grow.  It houses the CTC (Canadian Tire Center), home of the Ottawa Senators.  This is the high tech hub of Ottawa.  There is a very cool Centrum Plaza for shopping -  Kanata also houses the new Ottawa outlet mall. 
Housing stock here is across the board, but features many small and large town homes, as well as small and large single family homes.

Riverside South

Riverside South is a suburban community in Gloucester-South Nepean Ward in the south end of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, just southwest of Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. Prior to amalgamation in 2001, the area was located in the city of Gloucester. Its population according to the Canada 2011 Census was 10,908.[1]

In the early 1990s this area was mostly vacant with a few houses and some farms. The first homes in the community were built in 1996.[2] Since then, there has been extensive housing development that seems to be growing in the pace of other major suburban communities in the region, such as Barrhaven, Kanata and Orléans.

Currently, most of the built up area of the community is limited to areas around River Road and Earl Armstrong Road, and just west of Limebank Road. It is planned that Riverside South will become a major community with south expansions closer to Manotick and to the east closer to Leitrim.[3] According to the Riverside South Community Association, the boundaries will eventually be "Lietrim Road to the north, the Rideau River to the west, a line half-way between Earl Armstrong and Rideau Road to the south and Bowesville Road to the east. It is expected that the community will have a population of over 50,000 by 2031

This community has introduced new commercial in the past few years and has an excellent primary school in Steve MacLean.  Homes tend to focus on single families, with groupings of town homes and some smaller condo terraced town homes

Findlay Creek
Findlay Creek is a suburban neighbourhood in Gloucester-South Nepean Ward in the south end of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located just south of the intersection of Leitrim Road and Bank Street.
The Findlay Creek Community Association is the volunteer group representing the interests of the community.
According to the Canada 2011 Census, the population of the community was 4,486 and there were 1,459 dwellings[1] of mixed types (single-dwelling and semi-detached houses, townhouses and condominiums).

This community is predominantly single family homes, built by two buildersThere are semi-detached and large town homes.  A large commercial sector opened recently and houses all the necessary amenities.

Stittsville is a suburban community, part of the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is within the former Goulbourn Township. A part of the National Capital Region, Stittsville is immediately to the southwest of Kanata, and about 31 km (19 mi) west of Downtown Ottawa. The urban part of the community corresponds to Stittsville Ward on Ottawa City Council.  The population is 26,807

This area has a more rural vibe with a village like downtown (similiar to Manotick).  The majority of newer development is North, towards the 417 highway or East towards Kanata.  This area features more single family homes with less townhomes and semis.

Orleans, (French: Orléans), is a suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the eastern part of the city along the Ottawa River, about 16 km (9.9 mi) from downtown Ottawa. The Canada 2011 Census determined that Orleans' population was 107,823. Prior to being amalgamated into Ottawa in 2001, the community of Orleans was spread over two municipal jurisdictions, the eastern portion being in the pre-amalgamation City of Cumberland, the western portion in the City of Gloucester. According to the 2011 census, 62,888 people lived in the Cumberland portion of Orléans, while 44,935 people lived in the Gloucester portion (total population 107,823). Today, Orleans spans the municipal wards of Orleans, Innes and Cumberland. Orléans is one of 3 areas[which?] of the post-amalgamated City of Ottawa to contain a significant francophone population, hence.

This is the largest of Ottawa suburbs and features a very diverse types of houses.  The majority of commercial is big box and strip mall style, but the area does feature the large Place D'Orleans Mall.  Rumours have phase two of the Ottawa LRT adjoining to the mall. 

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