Thursday, April 9, 2015

The future of Sandy Hill

Great article from the Ottawa Citizen today on where the future will be taking Ottawa U in the coming twenty years, please click here

University of Ottawa today

38 main buildings, with an average age of 65 years are owned by the university and are home to
  • 280 classrooms or seminar rooms;
  • 272 teaching laboratories; and
  • 830 research labs
8,327 staff members were employed at the university as of 2013
  • 5,542 Academic staff, including
    • 1,269 Regular academic staff
    • 4,273 Other academic staff (part-time professors, research fellows, librarians, etc.)
  • 2,785 Support staff
42,587 students were enrolled at the university as of 2013
  • 36,042 undergraduate students
  • 4,546 master’s students
  • 1,782 doctorate students
  • 217 other graduate students
77 per cent of students do not drive to school
  • 44 per cent use the transit system
  • 14 per cent arrive to school on foot
  • 11 per cent carpool
  • eight per cent use a bicycle
3,213 parking spots are available at the university
  • 1,242 of those are available in the school’s five parking garages
  • 1,971 are found at the 21 different outdoor lots.
4,000 beds will be offered in residence by September 2015, 600 more than they have now
  • 10 resident buildings will be available by September 2015
    • 1,326 beds in traditional rooms: LeBlanc, Marchand, Stanton and Thompson
    • 1,023 beds in studios and suites: 90 University and Friel
    • 939 beds in apartments: Brooks and Hyman Soloway
    • 120 beds in 24 houses: along King Edward Avenue and Henderson Avenue
  • 2 new “Traditional Plus” style buildings will be added
    • 172 beds in Henderson residence, found on Henderson Avenue
    • 500 beds in Rideau residence, to replace Quality Hotel at Rideau Street and King Edward Avenue
    • Features the traditional style residence with a bathroom or TV
    • Located in two new buildings, Henderson and Rideau
  • 4 types of residences
    1. Traditional: Small room, with common kitchen and bathroom areas
    2. Studios and Suites: Bedroom with private kitchenette and bathroom
    3. Apartment: Bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, living and dining area
    4. House: Bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen, dining area and living room

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