Thursday, December 3, 2015

Price reduced - 12 acres in Carp

New land opportunity

It is 12 acres (price is now $175,000 per acre).  There are another 23 acres in the back (total 35 acres), which are deemed environmentally sensitive.  The Seller feels that the boundary could be moved with further negotiation with the city.  Property backs onto larger homes in Carp on Hidden Lake Crescent and Snelgrove Drive.

Asking price is $175,000 per usable acre ($2.1m).

Single family homes in the area sell between low $500s and low $600s, according to this years sales data.  Semi-detached produce should sell mid $300s.

Seller has a design drawn up for 125 town houses.  Seller informs me there is an easement off Hidden Lake Crescent for utilities and possible street connection.

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