Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ottawa is an excellent G7 capital

- In 2015, Ottawa was named the most business-friendly, mid-sized city in North AND South America by the Financial Times. 
- The Airports Council International says Ottawa has the best airport in Canada and third in the world; the other G7 capitals are nowhere to be found in their rankings. 
- Our Convention Centre was crowned number two in the world by theInternational Association of Convention Centres; again the other G7 capitals were noticeably absent.
Branham Group’s latest list of the top 250 technology companies in Canada concluded that Ottawa was home to more headquartered companies than Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and more than three times Waterloo. 
According to Mercer, we ranked third in North America for quality of living and Today’s Parent says we are the second best place in the country to raise a family.
Canada has the most educated workforce in the world and Ottawa has the most educated workforce the Canada. The Martin Prosperity Institute rated Ottawa-Gatineau first in their search for the world’s top Creative Class.

Bruce Lazenby, Ottawa Business Jounal - complete article, please click here

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