Monday, February 8, 2016

Fee Schedule Effective August 1, 2015

By-law 2014-229

CategoryInside the GreenbeltOutside the GreenbeltRural Rural - Unserviced
Single-Detached and Semi-Detached Dwelling, $ per Unit$22,468$30,752$20,159$17,703
Apartment Dwelling, (2+Bedrooms), $ per Unit$13,226$16,321$11,568$10,157
Apartment Dwelling (less than 2 Bedrooms), $ per Unit$9,740$12,018$8,520$7,482
Townhouse, Multiple, Row and Mobile Dwelling $ per Unit$17,591$23,132$13,119$11,524
Non-Industrial Charge Use $ per square foot$19.82$19.82$19.82$17.74
 Industrial Charge Use $ per square foot$8.55$8.55$8.55$7.57

To get the complete picture of the costs for Ottawa real estate development, please click here 

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